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Featured speakers

Laila Pawlak

Laila is the founder and CEO of Rehumanize Institute, and formerly co-founder & CEO of SingularityU Nordic and experience design firm DARE2.

Laila speaks on impact leadership, the future of work, signals from the future, customer and employee experiences and how organisations must navigate in a new world order.


Kris Østergaard

Kris is the bestselling author of Transforming Legacy Organizations, editor of the anthology Ethics at Work and Head of Research & Publishing at Rehumanize Institute.

Kris speaks on innovation in large established organizations, corporate culture, and responsible business transformation.


Alex Gladstein

Alex is a human rights strategist serving as the Chief Strategy Officer at the Human Rights Foundation, and Vice President of Strategy for the Oslo Freedom Forum. He is also one of the world’s leading experts on bitcoin and decentralized technology in a human rights context.

Alex speaks on human rights, democracy, technology, and why Bitcoin and decentralized technology are important for freedom.


Anders Mortensen

Anders is an accomplished executive with over two decades of experience in advertising, cloud, and IT services. He is currently Managing Director US Agency at Google.

Anders speaks on leadership, culture, technology, and innovation and their ability to transform businesses and improve people’s lives.


Anita Schjøll Abildgaard

Anita is CEO and co-founder of Iris.ai, an AI Science assistant named one of the 10 most innovative artificial intelligence companies in 2017 according to Fast Company, and as a leading AI player of strategic importance to Europe by the European Innovation Council (EU).

Anita speaks on navigating the present and preparing for the future through the application of Artificial Intelligence, technology and bias, and futurism with a particular focus on the future of R&D and research, data bias, startups, and entrepreneurship.


Anna Felländer

Anna is a responsible AI expert and Founder and CEO of The Responsible and Ethical AI Platform, anch.AI. Formerly she worked as an economist for the Swedish Ministry of Finance and Prime Minister’s Office during the financial crisis before becoming the Chief Economist at Swedbank.

Anna speaks on ethical AI and the effects of digitization on the economy, society, and organizations.


Carla Cammilla Hjorth

Carla is an activist, critical thinker, creative strategist, entrepreneur, cultural producer, dreamer, manifester, leader, follower, listener, speaker, debater, feminist, anti-capitalist, and anti-racist who founded SPACE10…

Carla speaks on radical innovation, empowering individuals, creating frameworks for communities, and promoting transformation through visionary design practices.


Chris Crespo

Chris is a Partner and Head of Content at Nordic Fintech Magazine (NFM). He specializes in simplifying finance and exploring the future of money and finance.

Chris speaks on fintech, the metaverse, digital banking, financial media and the future of money and finance.


Corin Ism

Corin is a governance futurist and writer, co-founder of the Future of Governance Agency, and the former Executive Director of the Global Challenges Foundation and Research Director at Bitnation.

Corin speaks on governance innovation, how power is shifting, and the world can be overhauled, augmented or rebuilt from scratch.


Daisy Løvendahl

Daisy is a personal counsellor, couple therapist, and author and has a master’s degree in philosophy and communication as well as training as a coach, couple therapist, PREP leader, and clinical sexologist.

Daisy speaks on applied ethics, focusing on questions related to exponential technology and The Good Life, with a particular interest in exploring the intersection of love, healthy relationships, and technology in a world where intimacy and deep connections are increasingly threatened.


Denis Rivin

Denis is an art historian, entrepreneur, futurist, and generalist – a multifaceted person with a unique worldview. He has specialised in communicating progress of humanity through emphasis on radical innovation, critical optimism, and positive perspectives on global development.

Denis speaks on the acceleration of the green transition, the progress of humanity, and the potential of psychedelic therapy.


Divya Chander

Divya is a physician, neuroscientist, and futurist. She is the Chair of Neuroscience and Faculty in Medicine at Singularity University and a Visiting Scholar in the Stanford Department of Medicine, Biomedical Informatics.

Divya speaks on neurotechnology, the impact of human augmentation, cryonics, and space life sciences on the future of human consciousness.


Erick Thürmer

Erick is a renowned entrepreneur and inventor, as well as fourth generation owner and CEO of Thürmer Tools, an innovative tool manufacturing company. 

Erick speaks on digital manufacturing, entrepreneurship, and innovation.


Habib Frost

Habib is the founder and CEO of Neurescue, the first FDA cleared intelligent balloon system for aortic occlusion, and formerly the youngest medical doctor in Denmark ever.

Habib speaks on the future of health, medicine, and digital biology, through his experience working with sensors, robotics, and the gene editing technology CRISPR. He explores the potential impact of these technologies on our health and illness, as well as their potential to reshape our identities.


Isabelle Kristine Ringnes

Isabelle is a diversity advocate, co-founder of Equality Check, a technology product that measures diversity and inclusion and supports organizations with evidence-based solutions for gaps identified, as well as founder of several diversity networks, communities, and movements.

Isabelle speaks on diversity, equity and inclusion, and human bias.


James Ehrlich

James is a serial entrepreneur in technology, media technology, and clean-tech, founder of ReGen Villages, and holds various positions at Stanford University.

James speaks on the fields of technology, media technology, and clean-tech, with a focus on creating sustainable communities.


Jonas Pilgaard

Jonas is an accomplished entrepreneur and CEO of 4Life Solutions – making affordable drinking water accessible to everyone. He drives impactful start-ups to international growth and successful exits.

Jonas speaks on building transformational impact companies and driving growth and innovation across multiple industries.


Maayke-Aimée Damen

Maayke-Aimée Damen is a trailblazer in the areas of circular economy and sustainability on a mission to minimize waste globally. Currently she serves as Director of Circular Economy at World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

Maayke speaks on the future of sustainability, covering ESG, innovation, change-transformation, waste to wealth, sustainability, and circular economy.


Margarita Quihuis

Margarita is the Executive Director of the Peace Innovation Lab at Stanford and the Peace Innovation Institute at The Hague. She is also the Founder of PeaceX Ventures, which aims to promote ethical, sustainable business-building values, take measurable action on diversity discussions, and create…

Margarita speaks on peace innovation, business ethics, digital transformation, human-centered design, access to capital, entrepreneurship, research, and impact.


Nell Watson

Eleanor ‘Nell’ Watson is an engineer and machine intelligence research lecturer who has made significant contributions to IEEE SA ethics initiatives and holds fellowships with the British Computing Society, Royal Statistical Society, The Atlantic Council, and serves as an executive consultant philosopher to Apple.

Nell speaks on AI and ethics and values in emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).


Lisbeth Holdt Jørgensen

Lisbeth is an educated actor with a Master’s in Speech and Language Therapy and Rhetoric. She works as a voice coach training others in presentation techniques.

Lisbeth coaches and runs workshops on leveraging your voice to get your message across.


Rob Chestnut

Rob is the former General Counsel and Chief Ethics Officer of Airbnb, former head of eBay’s legal team, and bestselling author of Intentional Integrity.

Rob speaks on ethics, leadership and how to build integrity into company culture.


Thomas Ramsøy

Thomas is a renowned clinical neuropsychologist turned neuroscientist and entrepreneur. He holds a Ph.D. in neuroscience and founded Neurons Inc, an applied neuroscience company.

Thomas speaks on neurotechnology, understanding the human brain, what makes us humans and how the human condition can be improved.


Tiffany Vora

Tiffany Vora is a Ph.D. holder in Molecular Biology from Princeton University. She’s a Faculty and Vice Chair of Medicine and Digital Biology at Singularity University and serves as an Industry Advisory Board Member for Lifespan.io. She also serves as a Board Member of Humanity in Deep Space and ExploreMars.

Tiffany speaks on the potential futures of digital biology, health, medicine, food, space, and business ethics.


David Bray

David is both a Distinguished Fellow at the non-partisan Henry L. Stimson Center (promoting international security and shared prosperity through applied research and independent analysis, global engagement, and policy innovation), non-resident Distinguished Fellow with the Business Executives for National…

David speaks on modern technology, data science, technology and governance, security, future forecasting, and humans and technology.


Kyle Nel

Kyle is the President of Singularity Labs at Singularity University, former CEO and co-founder of Uncommon Partners, as well as former Executive Director for Lowe’s Innovation Labs (LIL), the disruptive innovation hub for the Fortune 40 home improvement company…

Kyle speaks on leading transformation, technology, disruptive innovation, and building innovation labs.


Analisa Winther

As an expert on the future of food, Analisa comes to the stage with a deep knowledge of the opportunities and challenges of the agrifood space. 

Analisa speaks on the future of food, opportunities and Challenges in the Agrifood Space and is an experienced event facilitator.


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