Nell Watson

Eleanor 'Nell' Watson is an engineer and machine intelligence research lecturer who has made significant contributions to IEEE SA ethics initiatives and holds fellowships with the British Computing Society, Royal Statistical Society, The Atlantic Council, and serves as an executive consultant philosopher to Apple.


Nell speaks on the following topics:

AI and ethics

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning




Human society and social trust

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Highlights from Nell's CV

A trailblazer in machine vision and A.I. ethics working on safeguarding human rights while utilizing technology to promote ethical practices in emerging technologies to protect humanity

Non-resident Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council

Vice-Chair, IEEE P7001. IEEE AI Ethics Maestro

Doctoral Researcher: Engineering, Gloucestershire

Chair IEEE CertifAIEd Transparency Experts Focus Group

Initiator, EthicsNet, CulturalPeace, Endohazard, Pacha .org

Served as vice chair of the P7001 standard on transparency and contributed to multiple ECPAIS certification working groups

Holds fellowships with the British Computing Society and Royal Statistical Society

Serves as an executive consultant philosopher to Apple

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“A lot of inspiration”

“Really interesting speaker and talk that opens you up for questions that you don’t usually think about in your daily work life”

“A hugely interesting and informative speaker”

“The future impact of technology’s evolution simplified”

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