Isabelle Kristine Ringnes

Isabelle is a diversity advocate, co-founder of Equality Check, a technology product that measures diversity and inclusion and supports organizations with evidence-based solutions for gaps identified, as well as founder of several diversity networks, communities, and movements.


Isabelle speaks on the following topics:

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Human bias




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Highlights from Isabelle's CV

Co-founder of Equalitycheck, a product that measures diversity and inclusion in organizations through transparency and data collection and supports them with evidence-based solutions for gaps identified

Co-founder of #Hunspanderer, a social movement addressing unconscious bias and gender stereotypes reaching millions of people in Norway

Founded TENK in 2015, a Technology Network for Women inspiring girls to explore technology and initiated Digital Villages project with SOS Child Villages

Co-authored book Hvem Spanderer about unconscious bias

Named one of the 100 most influential people in Nordic Tech, one of 50 leading women in tech in Norway, and Inspiring Fifty Women in Tech

Produced Future Forecast podcast discussing technology, leadership and sustainability with global leaders and experts

Active board member in Dermanor, Oslo Freedom Forum, Moving Mamas, Arbin, and Norwegian Cancer Association.

“Data driven with clear arguments!”

“A very effective and informative presenter”


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