Habib Frost

Habib is the founder and CEO of Neurescue, the first FDA cleared intelligent balloon system for aortic occlusion, and formerly the youngest medical doctor in Denmark ever.


Habib speaks on the following topics:

The future of health

The future of medicine

Digital biology

Robotics and sensors

Gene editing technology

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Highlights from Habib's CV

He is an entrepreneur, inventor, researcher, and physician

Founder & CEO of Neurescue developing computer-aided medical devices to help emergency patients

When he graduated, he was the youngest Medical Doctor in Denmark at the age of 23

Certified as a Trauma Team Leader by the American College of Surgeons (ATLS)

Elected Forbes 30 under 30 in 2017

Named MIT innovators under 35 Europe

Winner of Denmark’s Global Impact Challenge at SingularityU Nordic

Attended Singularity University’s 10-week Flagship Program at NASA Ames in Silicon Valley

“Wow! This was amazing. An incredible speaker who is so passionate about his work and has an exciting story”

“Habib for President!!!! Absolutely AMAZING!”

“Thought provoking with a great mix of encouraging and alarming”

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