Denis Rivin

Denis is an art historian, entrepreneur, futurist, and generalist – a multifaceted person with a unique worldview. He has specialised in communicating progress of humanity through emphasis on radical innovation, critical optimism, and positive perspectives on global development.


Denis speaks on the following topics:

Acceleration of the Green Transition

Progress of humanity

The potential of psychedelic therapy

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Highlights from Denis' CV

Journalist and editor at Illustreret Videnskab (Danish science magazine)

Founder of progress-oriented media outlet, #ActualNews

TEDx speaker: Critical Optimism in a Complex and Confusing Time

Author of children’s book Folkes Fremtidsrejser; the world's first kid's book about technological unemployment

Associate partner in exponential technology think-tank and consultancy, Dare Disrupt

Coordinator at Supertrends; a podcast where futurist Liselotte Lyngsøe and investor Lars Tvede discuss the investment potential of tech trends


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