Chris Crespo

Chris is a Partner and Head of Content at Nordic Fintech Magazine (NFM). He specializes in simplifying finance and exploring the future of money and finance.


Chris speaks on the following topics:

The future of money and financial services

Disruption and innovation in finance

Disruptive and transformational Leadership

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Highlights from Chris' CV

Co-founder and Chief Editor at Nordic Fintech Magazine

Has extensive experience in financial services, including working with some of Europe's largest banks

Former Chief Futurist of the largest bank in the Nordics, Nordea

Guest lecturer at Stanford University on the topics of the Future of Financial Services, Future of Money, Disruption, as well as Ethical AI in Finance

A Behavioural Economist, exploring connections between human behaviour and decision-making under risk

International keynote speaker, sharing insights on finance and related topics with audiences across the globe


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