About the program

The Responsible Business Program is a high-level, intensive, and transformational program.

Over 6 months, the participants explore new world orders fueled by climate crisis, exponential technologies, and the need for innovative, responsible organizations. They also deep dive into impact leadership and personal development to build capabilities and resilience so they can be the change themselves and shape the tomorrow of your organization.

The program includes a virtual kick-off, two immersive in-person camps and two virtual follow-through modules. Furthermore, the program is specifically designed based off the Responsible Business Impact Drivers, i.e. the drivers that link Responsible Business activities with financial returns, identified through data analysis of Rehumanize Institute and Accenture’s Responsible Business Survey 2022. The program is powered by Rehumanize Institute in collaboration with Accenture and the Maharishi Institute.

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“I am not the same person anymore after the program. I have already started to apply the new mindset in the work that I do.”​

“This program will forever impact the work I do in the future.”​

“Hands down the best training program I have ever attended!”​

Program participants

Responsible Business Program Overview