To accelerate action, Rehumanize Institute continuously works to create new insights about the Responsible Business Transformation and make it freely available to the public.

New research launched!2024 research report: Impact leadership in the age of Generative AI

Accenture and Rehumanize Institute has repeated the Responsible Business study from 2022 in the Nordics to track developments. Three key words stand out: Acceleration, maturation, and polarisation.

You can deep dive into the study here where you can also get insights into the impact that generative AI is having on leadership in mid-size and large organizations. In short: Expectations are big but are companies ready for the impact that AI will have on their business?

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The Responsible Business Study

Accenture and Rehumanize Institute have conducted a study with executives from midsize and large companies in the Nordic countries, the UK, and the US to explore the dynamics to becoming a Responsible Business Leader.

The study identified 4 key pillars that characterize organizations that lead the Responsible Business Transformation: Future Focus, Ecosystem Action, Responsible Business Indicators, and Impact Leadership.

The study also found a correlations between being a Responsible Business Leader and significantly better financial returns.

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