Infusing Ethics Into Your Business with Dr. Tiffany Vora

Tiffany is an Educator, Writer, Researcher, Scientist and Entrepreneur based out of Silicon Valley. She is currently Faculty and Vice-Chair of Medicine and Digital Biology at Singularity University and Co-Author of our newly released anthology, Ethics@Work: Dilemmas Of The Near Future And How Your Organization Can Solve Them.

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Being a responsible business is fast becoming a key imperative to win the future.

On the Responsible Business Podcast, we explore how organisations can move more ethically and responsibly into the future by speaking to world-leading thought leaders and practitioners about the many hard questions we all need to learn how to answer.

Hosted by Kris Ƙstergaard, Head of Rehumanize Research & Publishing as well as editor of the anthology Ethics@Work: Dilemmas of the Near Future and How Your Organization Can Solve Them.

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