Responsible Business

Being an ethical company is fast becoming a business advantage but soon it will be an imperative. I.e. you will not be rewarded for being a responsible organization, but you will be punished if you are not. However, many organizations lack a deep understanding of how to act ethically in a business context, they do not have a language to discuss it and they do not have the tools to develop ethical principles and operationalize them to ensure their businesses becomes part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

In this Amazon no. 1 bestselling anthology, edited by Rehumanize Institute’s Head of Research, Kris Østergaard, a select group of global thought leaders, incl. Rehumanize’s CEO Laila Pawlak, and experts within fields such as AI, neuroscience, leadership, culture, strategy, and innovation provides inspiration, insights, and concrete tools to help you solve near future ethical dilemmas to the benefit of your organization and to the benefit of the world.


Corporate Innovation

The link between innovation and responsible business is growing stronger by the hour. It is no longer possible to innovate without factoring in how to avoid unintended negative consequences as well as exploring how to optimize one’s positive impact.

In Kris Østergaard’s bestselling business book Transforming Legacy Organizations, you get the tools to understand how to innovate in multiple tracks at the same time, understand the immune system barriers that are holding your organization back and how to apply culture hacks to eliminate those barriers and increase your impact



Download a free copy of Laila Pawlak and Kris Østergaard’s book The Fundamental 4s: Designing Extraordinary Customer Experiences in an Exponential World


The world’s foremost futurists reflect on 50 years of future shock, including a contribution by Kris Østergaard on what the organization of the future will look like.