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Order your copy of Ethics@Work today. Edited by Kris Østergaard.

Being an ethical company is fast becoming a business advantage but soon it will be an imperative. I.e. you will not be rewarded for being a responsible organization, but you will be punished if you are not. However, many organizations lack a deep understanding of how to act ethically in a business context, they do not have a language to discuss it and they do not have the tools to develop ethical principles and operationalize them to ensure their businesses becomes part of the solution rather than part of the problem. 

In this anthology, a select group of global thought leaders within fields such as AI, neuroscience, leadership, culture, strategy, and innovation provides inspiration, insights, and concrete tools to help you solve near future ethical dilemmas to the benefit of your organization and to the benefit of the world.

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Ethics@Work is a rich buffet of short essays on business ethics from the leading global thinkers in this field. In our increasingly crowded and connected world, the issue of how we can be good to each other has never been more urgent, and this book takes it on from all angles. A terrific collection.”

Rob Chesnut, former Chief Ethics Officer of Airbnb, bestselling author of Intentional Integrity

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